Beau | 15 yrs, Feb 6th | He/It/Zhey/Gores | White | ENG learning JPN

Just a little guy who cries sometimes while hes lying in bed just to get it all out whats in his head :P I'm Beau (Pronounced "bo")! I am the evil overlord webmaster of this site! >:] I am trapped in a humam body however >:[ tragic. I made a website once in notepad++ when I was like 11. It sucked! \^o^/ But I picked up learning html again this year (2021) around August. My hobbies include having a bad sleep schedule, indirectly raising prices on Japanese proxy sites, and right clicking and saving NFTs to own cryptobros and then deleting said file bc by god those things are ugly. :] I enjoy long walks on the beach too I suppose. My favourite place to be is my room or with my cat ^^ I natively speak English but I am learning Japanese! My speaking skills are. ._. bad to say the least. I cannot hold or have conversations ;w; sadly my progress is stopped atm since I've been busy with my sites and art projects. But hopefully once I finish I can resume learning! The videos to the side are my fave videos on the net and my fave songs o3o

You can find more about my interests by scrolling down, but my special interests and things I post most frequently about are TF2, Vocaloid, and Ace Attorney! I have autism if its not obvious enough off of how I never stfu about Ace Attorney. Srsly do u think a neurotypical could do this?? B]

My art inspirations are Ceceila Condit, pilotredsun, John. R Dilworth, Osamu Sato, and Rodney Alan Greenblat! I draw using MsPaint and FireAlpaca :] More info on my art page!

Old web aesthetics also inspire me along with weird internet videos such as "I feel fantastic" or "blank room soup". I also love lost media such as pink morning cartoon and my personal fave, the Lost But Now Found Ace Attorney Furry Doujin Game! I love these types of things, please recommend me them!

My fave youtubers are ReignBot, Scaretheater, Nexpo, Kubz Scouts, blameitonjorge, Izzzyzz, and The Internet Investigator. :]

You can find more details about me in other sections such as my artwork, and collections! (Also asking for my non existent credit card info of course)

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