Woo its my "before you follow" every cool kid has! *confetti pop* but this isn't too srs, just some important notes that rlly aren't that important if you're a decent person and not a total weirdo :P Most of these things should be no brainers I understand, but its the internet so weird ppl can and will exist and I'm setting my boundaries here and now ._.


-Dont come near me if you excuse or ship shit like pedophilia, incest, or abuse because "its fiction!! uwu" I don't care and you're a sicko

-I don't like nihilstic assholes that say shit like "love is dead!!" Or hate on kids or small animals for just existing or just enjoy being meanies. >:/

-Dont be a exclusionist asshole when it comes to asexual, aromantic, or pansexual people. Same goes for neogenders/pronouns. Doesn't apply to ppl who support "bi lesbians" or "pan gays".

-Im not super pissy over it but I don't interact with people who primarily post mainline Ace Attorney content since it bores me if I have to talk/hear about it for a extended period of time. I do dislike AAtwt though, I will block people who call themselves AAtwt or their following mainly consists of AAtwt due to my experiences in it.

-I do not want to be associated with those who follow stardoopy, mamonksnk, rrroscooo, or their associates. You are free to dm me about why, but I ask of you not to contact them. Thank you

-FNF fans including FNF mod fans.


-I refer to myself frequently as a robot or digital entity. Its not anything serious, its just how I express myself best!

-I dont align myself with any "twt" (like vocatwt or whatever) I just post my silly little things :]

-I am most active on Twitter but I am much easier to contact thru Discord (Beau#1304) or SpaceHey! (blaisedebeste)

-The medias listed on my about page are the ones owned by me. If someone else uses the username blaisedebeste or gyakutenkenji2 they may not be obvs :P

-I only post about the villains or side characters (like Colias Palaeno or Lisa Basil) from Ace Attorney. I hardly can bring myself to care about most mainline characters and dislike pairings like Narumitsu and Franmaya. Please don't expect me to give a shit ;w;

-I don't list my life story on my about such as going in-depth on my mental state, but you are free to have a private conversation if you have a srs question idc :P

-I try to tag things the best I can such as things for blood, scary imagery, eyestrain, and general things. Its not a requirement, but I'd very much appreciate things like bugs, unsanitary things in general, and images similar to smiledog/jeff the killer (intense eye contact) to be tagged. It's not the end of the world for me, but I very much try to avoid these things and I may not interact back with you if you post these things ;w; I don't have the best memory so if you need something specific tagged, don't hestitate to dm me! I don't mind at all. It'd be nice to please tag irl photos of bugs, photos like smiledog or jeff the killer, and general unsanitary things.

I like to think I can read social situations well as someone with autism, but despite my wishes to be a robot computer virus overlord, I am still stuck in this fleshy human body. As such, I may make mistakes and very easily misunderstand people I don't know :,] Obviously, my mental illness does not absorb me from responsibility, I'm just saying it makes me more prone to not understanding things right away. Please do not hesitate to message me if I say, do, or reblog something that is ignorant or misinformed. I try my best to understand others, and I'd much rather be called out immediately versus having something I didn't know was happening boil over.

You are free to message me in general! I am not good at starting conversations and feel like I'm bothering others usually. So its actually helpful!! If I dont respond right away its probably bc im recharging my batteries xD