A page for all my wonderful friends!! If you'd like to be added (or deleted) pls dm me!! The only qualification is tht we're following each other

ROMEO!! - MY BOYFRIEND!!!! Romeie!! Simey!! :D Poly!! Anny!! I love him so so much u3u Its not online rn, but I love him v v much!!!

Pinkie! - UWAA the bestie >:D Skid is such a funny and nice and cool person u3u Raymond Shields and Shelly deKiller irl spouse >:]c Zher art is incredible please go follow sweets art account too!!

Jack! - Jack is one of my closest and oldest friends :] We originally met thru Parappa in about 2018-2019?? But hes such a cool dood hehe >:D Please follow his art account!!

Angel! - Angel deserves a veteran discount for life for all the cringe phases hes seen me go thru xD Angel is v sweet and v cool!! Please follow his art account and consider commissioning him!!

Kris! - Although Kris is deactivated, they were a amazing mutual to have ;w; I had met them after coming back to Tumblr and initially I had a sour taste of the platform because of many bad exps x_x but they were so nice to be around that its not a squick anymore :D Where ever you are Kris, I'll be waiting :]